Optifast Shake (Chocolate)

Optifast Shake (Chocolate)

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box=12 Envelopes

 Shake substitute for the complete diet or one or more meals for weight control, Chocolate flavor.

Powdered smoothie to prepare with water. Each sachet contains 54g of powder to be prepared with 200ml of cold water.
Optifast shakes are part of a low calorie, high protein and fiber diet. Contains all the essential vitamins and minerals in a complete diet.

Nutritional information:

  • Contains sweetener, prebiotic fiber
  • Satiating effect
  • Improves glucose tolerance in diabetic patients
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Regulates intestinal transit
  • Benefits the balance of bacterial flora by stimulating the growth and activity of bifidobacteria
  • It favors the follow-up of low calorie diets
  • An envelope replaces a meal.
  • Each sachet provides 201 calories

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